Paris Fashion Week 2018

Fashionistas, celebrities, and those who simply appreciates style will descend on Paris once again for Fashion Week, between January 22nd and 25th. The runway season is already well underway, with the Mens Fashion Week preceding the Haute Couture event.

Participating designers are required to meet the stringent standards of the Parisien Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode - the official body that decides whether a fashion house is worthy of the title “haute couture”, or fashion that is custom designed and made for each client.

Familiar names to mingle with newcomers at Fashion Week 2018

This year’s haute couture lineup will feature several famous fashion houses that have stood the test of time, as well as contemporary couturiers who have reached the level of excellence required to take part in Paris Fashion Week.

Iconic fashion houses including Christian Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Giorgio Armani Prive and Jean-Paul Gaultier will showcase their latest designs at this year’s event.

Contemporary designers Yuima Nakazato, Zuhair Murad, Viktor & Rolf, Xuan and several others will challenge the historic brands for dominance of the Paris fashion scene this year, with unique designs inspired by cultures and design aesthetics from around the world.

An event to relish, be seen at, and tweet about

With the star-studded guest lists and top-tier social events surrounding Paris Fashion Week, securing an invitation to this event is high up on many executives’ agendas.

Whether you have a deep interest in fashion, an appreciation for all things beautiful, or a love of timeless social gatherings, the haute couture Fashion Week is definitely worth attending.

Networking opportunities, excellent traditional and social media exposure, and a chance to unwind for a few days and enjoy the sheer elegance of it all - these are just a few of the benefits of attending this opulent event.

Yet another reason to visit Paris…

A trip to Paris at this time of year means experiencing the city when at the height of its winter charm.

When you’re not taking in the latest haute couture, you can sample some of the finest Parisien winter cuisine, visit famous museums and theatres without the bustle of tourist season, and stop by your favourite boutique during the sale season.

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