First and Business Class vs. a Private Jet Flight: What to Expect

When it comes to flying, there are two types of executives: those who fly premium commercial, and those who opt for a private charter.

Until recently, the major deciding factor when it came to choosing a flight type was financial. The higher cost of a chartered flight made it appropriate for urgent trips and as a perk for CEOs, while business or first class trips were the norm for regular business travel.

With competitively-priced private jet charters, this has changed. Here are some of the differences between flying business class vs. private jet charter.

Top-tier privacy and efficiency

However pleasant the check-in and lounge experience may be when you fly first or business class, nothing compares to the speed and personalised service that private jet passengers receive.

Waiting in long lines, delays caused by fellow-passengers, and the rushed atmosphere of the check-in gate are a thing of the past when you fly privately.

Expedited service, ample space, and a bespoke menu

First and business class cabins offered by the world's leading airlines are certainly more comfortable than their economy class offerings - but a private jet flight is in a league of its own.

From a lounge cabin layout that allows you to stretch out as you would in a hotel room, to a check-in process that's over in minutes, and a menu designed with your exact dietary requirements in mind, private jet travel offers the ultimate in luxury air travel.

Privacy to carry out confidential business

When you're working on a sensitive project or discussing confidential business with a fellow executive or major client, the last thing you need is inquisitive fellow-passengers listening in or peering over your shoulder at your laptop or tablet screen.

Business and first class seating has a degree of privacy, but there are no guarantees.

Depending on your company's information policy, the very presence of fellow-passengers may make it impossible to work with important data during your flight - and that could amount to hours of lost productivity.

A private jet flight provides a private, comfortable space to work in and discuss business as you travel to your destination comfortably.

Next time you plan an important trip,we invite you to take a look at what we have on offer for your departure and destination cities, with our private jet charter.

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