Why Balance Is So Important For Top Executives

2018 is already well underway for most executives, with strategic goals being set and challenges ready to be met.

Before we find ourselves lost in the haze of a busy year, it's important to keep balance and reflection as a priority. Here are just a few of the benefits that this mindset could bring you in the coming months.

Finding Balance in a High-pressure World

We're living in interesting times, with constant political changes, new markets opening up, and technology continuing to change the way we live and do business.

Whether you're gearing your business up for big data, flying across the globe to invest in tomorrow's up and coming economies, or being briefed on the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies, the pressure can sometimes seem relentless.

Many executives respond to pressure by doing more - putting in extra hours, dealing with their teams and business units in a hands-on way, and calling off weekend trips and personal obligations to ensure that things get done.

Unfortunately, this flat-out approach has its limits - and the last thing you want is to burn out before mid-year.

Pacing each day - give yourself moments to reflect and recharge

One of the most common approaches to work-related stress is to attack the workload with 100% of energy and then de-stress during days off. Unfortunately, top executives seldom have the luxury of time, like an entire weekend with no work obligations.

Instead, try to find a few moments each day to get away and reflect on how you feel in order to acknowledge and then manage any stress you may be experiencing.

  • Take a solo business lunch - this is the perfect opportunity to refresh body and mind and plan your afternoon agenda.

  • Keep fit - 30 minutes in the gym will clear your mind, get your endorphins working and de-stress you while keeping you alert

  • Schedule personal time - this doesn't have to be spent alone, and if you have a family they will enjoy the quality time that you have to offer.

  • Saving time where you can - in most cases your daily schedule will already be optimised for time, but make sure that time is not wasted unnecessarily. Business travel is a massive culprit in this regard - consider private jet charter if you absolutely have to meet a client or attend an event.

By consistently de-stressing and not letting your stress levels get to the point where you’re just hanging on, you'll have the energy, headspace and motivation that you need to keep working at the levels which are expected of you.