Family Holidays - Should You Charter A Private Jet Or Fly Commercial?

A family trip is the perfect opportunity to put work aside for a few days (or weeks) and spend quality time with the people who matter most.

Choosing the right destination for your trip is crucial - and so is getting there as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Flying to your holiday destination: you have two options

A smooth, efficient flying experience can make the difference between arriving refreshed, relaxed and ready to enjoy your holiday, and ending up more stressed than when you left the office.

The option of chartered flights or a private jet opens up a comfortable world of travel - let's compare it to traditional commercial flights.

Why spend your holiday waiting in airports?

Nobody likes waiting at the airport, and though commercial airlines may offer you access to their business or first class lounges, the inconvenience of lost time remains.

  • A chartered flight eliminates waiting time
  • You'll enjoy streamlined check-in, faster customs, security and immigration procedures, and significantly shorter waiting periods
  • Private charter flights are more likely to take a direct route, eliminating stopovers and saving time.

Comfort, privacy and quality time

Compared to a commercial flight, a private charter will allow you and your family to travel in comfort and privacy. With ample space, private bathroom facilities, catered menus and comfortable seating, you'll be able start your holidays the moment you board.

If a busy year has kept you from catching up with loved ones and sharing special moments, you'll enjoy the intimate atmosphere of a private charter.

Instead of staring at the seat or panel ahead of you, making hushed conversation with fellow-passengers listening on, you can relax in the comfort of an airborne lounge.

The future of private family air travel is here

The comfort and convenience of a private jet charter is hard to beat - and with a wide range of destinations available, you'll be able to plan the perfect getaway for you and your family. Next time you go on holiday, treat yourself to the luxury of privacy, with our private charter flights.