Flying with Pets: Private Jet Charter vs Scheduled Flights

Some of us love to travel and some of us love our pets. Then there are some of us that love both, but continually have to choose between the two. Bringing your pet on holiday with you, means that you’ll immediately be faced with a myriad of obstacles.

Commercial airlines are far from animal friendly, with most requiring that your pet be stored below deck, and in a confined animal carrier for the duration of the flight. This experience is as distressing for pets as it is expensive for the owners.

For some time, it appeared as if there were no alternatives but today, ZUUM makes it easier for everyone to fly private, especially those on four legs!

What to Expect on a Commercial Flight

The first thing you should know about flying commercial with your pet, is that their ticket will likely cost more than yours. Because of regulations put in place by the commercial airlines, having your companion along for the ride will dramatically increase the price of your trip.

If you still chose to go with commercial, you would need to check what the specific airline allows in regards to animal travel. Most only allow for animals to be checked into the cargo hold area of the aeroplane. However some will allow animals to travel, contained in a carrier, in the cabin with their owners - though this is not as common place and can increase the cost even further.

Only service dogs are allowed to travel with their owners and without the restriction of a carrier, but you will need paperwork in order to prove that your pet is in fact a service animal.

Why You Should Consider Private Flying

Your pet is a part of your family and you shouldn’t have to pay a huge fare just to have them ride below deck with everyone’s luggage. Flying private reduces the stress and anxiety that pets experience during travel. This, in turn, eases the worries of the owner and ensures that everyone on board is starting their holiday on a good note.

While you could still have your pet in the cabin on some commercial flights, you would still have to endure the eye-rolls and scolding from your fellow passengers if your pet had to make a noise or a mess. On your own private flight, you and your pet can feel as comfortable as you would in your own home.

Choosing private jets with pets makes it much easier to transport your furry friends, but it’s always important to check the rules and requirements of your destination. Some countries require that all animals have certain vaccinations or checks in place before being granted entry. These rules stand whether your pet flies private or commercial and must always be considered.

Flying with Pets can be easy!

With all this information at your disposal, you’ll find that you can love travel and your pets at the same time. Where there’s a will, there’s a private jet waiting to take you, and your companion, on an incredible adventure.