Why booking a private charter jet for the FIFA World Cup is a good idea

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off on the 15th of June, with four weeks of football action that is expected to draw up to a million visitors to Russia this year.

Before you jet off to support your favourite national team at this year’s event, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here is our guide to the 2018 World Cup.

Russia: culturally rich, crazy about football, and really really big

The opportunity to visit Russia and experience its truly unique culture is just one reason why so many business travelers are heading to this year’s FIFA World Cup.

From the bustling metropolis that is Moscow to the classical elegance of St. Petersburg and the charm of smaller cities like Samara and Sochi, this year’s FIFA host cities offers a whole world of football, sightseeing and culture.

Russia is an enormous country, and even though the FIFA host cities are located in the country’s western region (near Moscow), the distance between some of them can exceed 3000 km.

The only challenge when it comes to enjoying this year’s World Cup to the fullest, is getting from city to city quickly and comfortably.

Traveling in Russia: what are your options?

Russia’s vast land area means that travelling between cities can be time-consuming.

With train services that are often crowded and less comfortable than those in developed countries - especially outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg - business travelers virtually always opt to fly.

Unfortunately, commercial flights in Russia can often be overbooked and lacking in comfort - but charter flights are in a league of their own.

Russian executives almost always fly private, with a variety of well-equipped charter jets available in the country. With exceptional customer service and high levels of luxury, you’ll enjoy a private jet experience fit for a Czar.

If you’re heading to Russian for the World Cup, don’t get lost in the crowd. Simply enter your flight dates on our website and we’ll send you a competitively-priced quote on your next private jet trip.

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