What is an empty leg - and what does it have to do with private jet charter?

If you’ve been searching for a private jet charter online, you may have read about “empty leg flights” and wondered what they are all about.

While the word “empty leg” may sound strange, the fact is that empty legs are a normal part of the private jet industry - and they are a great way to fly private at excellent rates.

Empty legs explained

Every time you take off somewhere and land somewhere else, you’ve completed a leg of your journey - but what if you charter a private jet on a one-way journey from London to Paris?

In order to get back to its hangar in London, the jet you chartered would need to fly back with no passengers on board. This return trip is known as en empty leg.

  • For charter jet companies, empty legs are an unavoidable cost of doing business - and they are always keen to reduce that cost by offering reduced charter rates on the return trip.

  • For private charter customers, booking an empty leg is a great way to secure a jet at an excellent price - but the date and time of the flight will be less flexible than a normal charter.

Booking an empty leg flight - it’s all about timing

Empty leg flights are an excellent way to charter a private jet at a reduced rate, as long as your timing is synchronized.

  • Unlike a regular charter, which is almost always tailored to your specific flight dates and preferred time of day, an empty leg flight will usually be less flexible.

  • A jet that is due to depart from its home airport on a new chartered flight will need to return back as soon as possible - and if that happens to be your destination, you’ll save significantly.

  • Empty leg flights are ideal for last-minute or spur-of-the-moment flights that are booked at short notice. If you need to take an unexpected trip, empty legs are an excellent option.

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