What are Slots and What Do They Mean for Flying Private?

If your flight has been delayed and you’ve been forced to wait on the tarmac or in a holding pattern in the skies above an airport, then you would have already been introduced to ‘slots’. The question is, do slots affect private jets? And, if so, when and how? You’ll find everything that you need to know about slot restrictions and flying privately below.

What are slots?

When flying on either a business jet or commercially, slots are usually a part of the process. The question is, what are they? In short, they refer to the specific time windows that an aircraft is given to land or depart from an airport. In many cases, slots need to be booked ahead of time in order to avoid delays and disappointment.

The good news is that when flying on a private jet, you are often able to book last minute flights without having to be too concerned about slot availability, as long as the business jet will be flying out of, and landing in, a smaller, private airport. The majority of the smaller airports don’t operate using slots; however, it is important to be aware of the fact that this won’t be a given – especially during certain times of the year.

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What affects the availability of a slot?

Slot availability and flexibility for private jets will depend on many factors. Seasonal demand, as well as event-based demand, are two of the main factors to consider when booking your business jet.

For example, if you’re planning a visit to Ibiza or Mykonos (two of the most popular beach and party destinations in the world) during the summer months, you can be pretty certain that there are going to be a number of slot restrictions in place. Similarly, if you’re flying into Geneva for the motor show, you’ll need to book your slot up to a year in advance!

In instances such as these, slot issues are also not the only problem to keep in mind. Your pilot will also need to be aware of no-fly zones, curfews, different airport opening and closing times, as well as a lack of aircraft parking.

Luckily, even if you do want to attend a big event and book a business jet to get there, or visit a popular destination, you can work around the resultant restrictions by booking your flight well in advance. Luckily, you can do so effortlessly via ZUUM. Visit our website today to compare the best and most convenient business jet quotes for your next trip!

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