Fly private to Monaco Grand Prix

Sunday May 27, 2018, marks one of the highlights of the world sporting calendar: the jet setting and glamorous Monaco Grand Prix.

With its background of floating yachts and one of the world’s most exclusive cities, along with the thrill of an F1 circuit that winds its way dangerously close to buildings and spectators, this race is truly an unmissable event.

Famously exclusive and catering to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Monaco stands out among jet-set destinations - by purposely not having an airport.

The closest access point is the Nice Côte d’Azur airport, just 12 miles from Monaco - a millionaire’s playground of private jets, which is perfectly suited for a chartered flight landing.

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Exhilarating action in one of Europe’s finest locations

A seat in the Monaco F1 grandstand is an invitation to one of the social events of the year. With celebrities, prominent business people and royalty attending the event, the atmosphere is just one of the event’s draw cards.

The Monaco Grand Prix circuit traces the compact streets of this exuberant city, limiting grandstand views and making spectator tickets both exclusive and elusive, with substantially fewer spectator tickets than other races on the F1 calendar. Less than 40 000 tickets are made available each year, adding to the event’s exclusivity.

First held in 1950, the Monaco Grand Prix puts both driver and vehicle to the test. The infamous Loews hairpin and Portier corner pose constant threats, forcing every driver in the race to balance downforce and braking technique as they vie for the trophy.

In typical Monaco style, qualifying begins a day early (on Thursday) to allow a rest day on Friday in preparation for the main event.

Plenty to do when you’re not watching the race

Of all the cities that host Formula One events, Monaco probably offers the best lifestyle and entertainment options within a short strolling distance or taxi ride.

From the famous Monte Carlo Casino to the stylish restaurants and bars that line the city’s elegant streets, the city offers a seemingly endless number of elegant diversions. Passing time before and after the race (and in between qualifying) couldn’t be easier.

The sheer beauty of Monaco’s coastal location, along with the city’s numerous lush gardens and fascinating museums, make a trip to watch the Grand Prix ideal for business travellers, families, or both.

Flying private to Monaco - the natural choice

Monaco’s location, atmosphere and lifestyle simply lend themselves to a private jet charter - and for business travelers or those who prefer to fly private, a chartered jet is the best decision.

The convenience of arriving rested and relaxed for a weekend of Grand Prix action makes a private charter the natural choice for a flight to Monaco. A short helicopter or scenic train ride away from Nice will put you in the heart of elegant Monaco in under an hour.

If you’re ready to book your charter jet flight to Monaco for the Grand Prix, visit our booking page today to make your enquiry.

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