Don’t waste time on business meetings - fly private!

Whether you’re meeting with your board of directors, a major client or a prospective business partner, you’ll probably find yourself flying to a schedule that stretches the boundaries of any commercial airline.

Even in our interconnected world, face-to-face meetings have a crucial role to play in business. By touching base with clients, colleagues and working partners - or solving a pressing business challenge around the meeting table, face to face - you’ll be investing in both the success of your business and your own future.

Of all the logistics involved in setting up a successful meeting, flights and transportation to and from a large commercial airport can be unnecessarily stressful and time consuming. Chartering a private jet with access to smaller airstrips that cut down on travel time is an efficient solution to the inconvenience of squandered time.

Flying commercial: slow, stressful and always less than ideal

Commercial flights may get you from A to B, but they’ll usually get you there slowly and with a fair amount of frustration.

Regardless of which class you are flying there are always queues; from premium check in to security and passport control, not to mention the hours wasted in the airport lounges waiting to board.

Once you finally arrive at your destination, you may have less than an hour to prepare for your meeting - and that’s the kind of stress that you most definitely don’t need. Fortunately, there’s a more efficient way to travel to your meetings.

Fly private - and travel the way you do every other day

  • A private charter offers senior executives an ideal form of transportation, combining comfort, the luxury of privacy and a time-conscious service.
  • With ample cabin space, privacy, and an attentive cabin crew, you’ll have the perfect environment to be productive in the air.
  • Flying private is ideal if you’re traveling with your team or fellow executives and need to flesh out the final details of your meeting strategy.
  • Before you board your private jet, you’ll enjoy speedy check-in procedures with personalized service and minimal delays.
  • You’ll have the option of taking off and landing at a smaller airport or airstrip, saving you the time you’d waste moving through a large crowded airport.
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Get to your next meeting in comfort - and ready to do business

If you’re ready for a comfortable, punctual and efficient business travel solution to your meetings - at a competitive price - our private jet charters may be ideal for you.

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