EBACE 2018

Industry leaders and innovative exhibitors will be flying in to Geneva between May 29th and 31st for EBACE, Europe’s premier aviation convention.

EBACE is the place where Europe’s aviation industry comes to connect - with suppliers displaying their latest offerings, buyers initiating orders and industry professionals networking for future success.

From aviation management companies to airplane equipment suppliers, insurance firms, and industry publications, every aspect of the industry is represented at the convention. For aviation executives and senior business managers, there simply is no better networking opportunity than EBACE.

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Exhibitors fly in from every sector of the aviation industry

The sheer number of professionals and companies that are involved in every successful flight is huge.

While many of their services are invisible to passengers during a flight, the aviation sector simply could not function without aircraft maintenance companies, in-flight service providers, brokers and insurers, and other suppliers.

EBACE features exhibitors from every aviation sector, bringing leading players from the industry together at a single venue. The networking opportunities and access to the latest industry information that delegates enjoy has made the event hugely popular with airline executives, service providers and technical experts across Europe.

Business networking events and information sessions offering the latest research insights take place throughout the week, with the exhibition running every day.

Cutting-edge events for a rapidly-changing Europe

Recent events affecting the EU, including the widely-publicized Brexit process whereby Britain will officially leave the organization, are having an impact on all industries - and aviation is no exception.

This year’s EBACE event will feature informative research on the impact of Brexit, recent technological advances and environmental issues on the future of aviation in Europe.

Presentations from leading experts and key players in the industry, Q and A sessions, and other learning opportunities give aviation executives access to strategic information and insightful experts. From a strategic point of view, attending EBACE 2018 is a powerful move.

Flying private to Geneva - a cutting-edge approach

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