Do Private Jets Only Use Commercial Airports?

If you have yet to enjoy the luxury of flying on a private jet, you likely have a few questions regarding how it all works. For example, what are the benefits in terms of commercial airports vs private airports? How do I go about booking a private jet and is the airport that I choose important? Do private jets only use commercial airports?

On the contrary, actually. Not only do private jets have the option to land at smaller airports, they should… and here’s why.

Time Delays, Landing Difficulties and Parking Problems

If a private jet is making use of a commercial airport, there is a much bigger chance of experiencing lengthy delays considering the way in which slots work for private flights. Slots, which are specific time windows that an aircraft is given to land or depart from an airport, will always be given to commercial airlines over private aircrafts, purely due to the number of passengers aboard the flight, ultimately resulting in annoying time delays.

Possible time delays are also not the only issue. Landing on larger runways can pose a problem for pilots as they have a limited period to clear the runway before another, much bigger aircrafts lands behind them.

Aircraft parking at commercial airports is an additional point of concern. Despite the fact that the parking facilities are obviously much larger, there is often no available space for private jets, and, because of this, pilots are often forced to park miles away from private jet FBOs, therefore making it inconvenient to meet and greet passengers as they arrive.

Ultimately, let’s face it – private air travel is attractive purely because it’s supposed to save you time, require less effort and promise a more stress-free experience. By making use of commercial airports, all of these advantages are likely to be greatly reduced. It is for this reason that most private jet companies recommend that all passengers make use of smaller airports when flying privately.

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The Benefits of Private Airports

The good news is that when smaller, private airports are used, each trip is certain to run more smoothly, and there are always a number of benefits involved. For example, flexibility is drastically enhanced. It is a lot easier to schedule a last minute flight – or to push a flight back if you’re running a bit late.

Another benefit is that, due to the fact that private jets are able to fly into a larger network of airports, it is possible to arrive at many obscure destinations directly, as opposed to landing at a commercial airport and travelling a further from there, drastically changing the total trip time which is often not factored in when calculating how long a journey will take, door-to-door.

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