The Queen’s Club World Championship 2018

If you have ever fancied the experience of a truly exclusive tennis event but never booked seats on the centrecourt of Wimbledon, it’s time to make a mind shift to something even more special!

The Queen’s Club, London will host the Real Tennis World Championships between April 24th and 28th, 2018. This bi-annual event celebrates the history of real tennis - the original sport that modern “lawn” tennis descended from.

Real tennis - the game of real royalty

Tennis has been played in various forms across Europe for centuries - and real tennis embraces the traditional equipment, rules and fellowship of this regal game. Unlike modern “lawn” tennis (which is seldom played on lawn anymore), real tennis is often played on an enclosed court, using the original style of racquets and balls.

  • Since the reign of Henry VII, which lasted from 1509-47, real tennis has been a favourite game among Britain’s aristocracy.
  • The game is played using cork-filled balls and wooden racquets, providing less bounce and a difficult sweet spot compared to modern equipment.
  • Some of the rules and scoring are also different to modern tennis - making the game familiar, yet fascinating for spectators.
  • A real tennis match is the one place you’ll see the ball served from one side of the court – only, and where six games always win a set.
  • The terms used for different types of serves - including bobble, poop and boomerang - add a playful touch to this aristocratic game.
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Prepare to enjoy the Queen’s Club Experience

Real tennis is like a trip to the past, embodying the elegance and carefree opulence of a bygone era.

The Queen’s Club is the world’s first and oldest multipurpose sports venue, having been built in the time of Queen Victoria and named in her honor.

With a focus on etiquette and tradition, the Queen’s Club maintains the same standards that have been in place since its founding in 1886 - making for a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

2016 champion Camden Riviere will defend his title at this year’s event, which begins with traditional welcome drinks and ends with the sumptuous captain’s dinner. A Pro-Am event on April 25th is a regular favourite with visitors to the Queen’s Club.

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