Flying Private with a Baby or Small Child

Even if you’re terrified of flying in general, nothing can prepare you for the added dread that often comes with flying commercially with a baby or small child. Not only do you worry about how your little one will cope with the new experience – there’s motion sickness, terror when the turbulence hits, and boredom to be concerned about, and of course you worry about how the rest of the cabin will deal with your little one’s screams, cries and tantrums, too!

Issues of flying with a baby or child

Ask any parent who has travelled by air with a baby or child in tow, and they will tell you that their biggest fear was having to put up with the angry glares and raised, judgemental eyebrows that would inevitably be directed at them by other passengers soon after boarding.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how well-behaved your little one usually is, flying can transform children into monsters – and since the aircraft cabins are small in size, it is impossible to be ‘more considerate’ to other passengers when your little one is screaming blue murder for two hours straight.

The bad news is that, for the most part, there’s no getting around any of this. Unless, however, you opt to fly in a private jet as opposed to a commercial one.

The benefits of flying on a private jet with a baby or child

Most adults can barely manage to stay sane during a long flight, so can you imagine how a tiny baby or a young child must feel? Luckily, one of the benefits of flying privately is the fact that the entire experience is a lot speedier.

There are no airport queues to stand in, no lengthy check-in or customs procedures to deal with and, as long as you’re flying out of a private airport, there’s also a reduced chance of experiencing annoying flight delays. Longer flights are, therefore, a lot more manageable for everyone involved – mom and dad included.

If that doesn’t already lower your anxiety levels dramatically, another benefit is that you will not have to stress about other flyers for the duration of the flight. The whole point of flying privately, after all, is exactly that – it’s private! The only other passengers on board will be the rest of your own travel party, probably filled with people who already know what they’re letting themselves in for! How’s that for a relief?

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