MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona

Yacht builders, prospective buyers and on-board chefs will descend on Barcelona between April 23rd and 26th 2018, for the annual MYBA (Worldwide Yachting Association) Charter Show.

With the Mediterranean sea providing the perfect backdrop for a gallery of the finest yachts available in 2018, visitors to the 2018 MYBA Show will have an opportunity to explore vessels in person - and that’s just one of the many reasons to attend.

This prestigious event will be held at Barcelona’s Port Vell, one of Europe’s foremost luxury yacht marinas.

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MYBA showcases yachts, chefs and yachting industry professionals

The luxury yacht market represents one of the world’s most exclusive niche products. In fact, yacht ownership is more than a financial decision - it’s a lifestyle in itself.

  • Ever-conscious of this, the MYBA Show brings together yacht buyers, yacht builders, brokers, and on-board chefs with a display that showcases their select creations.
  • Prospective yacht buyers will have an opportunity to meet yacht builders as they view the latest vessels from around the world.
  • On-board viewings provide the chance to experience the best in yacht building - all in one location.
  • Yacht brokers and on-board chefs have the opportunity to network with buyers and provide detailed information about the services they offer.

A week of sea, style and beautiful boats, Spanish-style

Time is the new luxury as the MYBA Show opens with a quay party on the night of Monday the 23rd, marking the beginning of an elegant, entertaining week.

After a day of yacht viewing and networking, executives attending the show can explore the diverse entertainment options that Barcelona has to offer - from Michelin star restaurants to some of the world’s best gourmet tapas.

If you love to unwind on a yacht deck with the blue ocean and horizon as your only limits, the MYBA Charter Show is an event you certainly won’t want to miss.

If you’re in the market for a yacht, you can mix business with pleasure as you view the floating masterpieces on offer and get to know the best brokers and shipbuilders in the industry.

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As time is not always a complete luxury, to really enjoy your trip to the MYBA Charter Show you’ll want to arrive in comfort and style, saving time and the hustle of a commercial leg. A private jet charter is the fastest, most comfortable and most private way to travel. To receive a quote on private charter flights to Barcelona, visit our booking page today.

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