Do you travel with your pets?

For travelers who treat their pets like an imperial member of the family, time spent without them is just never the same and a holiday – minus their pet, is simply unthinkable.

A four-legged companion can add a treasured touch to any family trip, from a long weekend at the beach to an extended break in the mountains - but making sure that they travel safely and in comfort, is essential.

How do pets travel at the moment?

If your pet is larger than a small cat or miniature dog breed, chances are you wouldn’t be able to secure an in-cabin pet ticket on most commercial airlines.

After paying a surcharge of up to 200 Euros per animal over and above the additional airport fees, owners are then expected to travel separately from their pets. Separation anxiety and poor travelling conditions can make the trip very traumatic for sensitive animals and their anxious owners.

The standard procedure on a commercial airline for most pets is to place them in a transportation cage and load them into the air-conditioned section of the cargo hold. Airlines maintain that this provides a physically safe transportation method for pets, keeping them a safe distance from passengers and other animals for the duration of the flight. Unfortunately, the experience can be extremely traumatic - and some pets have emerged injured or even lost their lives after being transported in this way.

In 2017, 40 incidents involving animal passengers were reported by airlines in the US - including 24 deaths. These events have prompted the US Humane Society to advise against air travel with pets, putting a damper on vacation plans for thousands of families.

A ruined trip followed by immense feelings of guilt and sadness are just some of the difficulties that the owners of these unfortunate pets may encounter.

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Travelling with pets requires thorough planning, and it can be time-consuming

Many pet owners have arrived at the airport with their animal companions, only to be turned away at the check-in desk because they hadn’t followed the necessary procedures. Every airline has its own policy on transporting pets, and most carriers require a 48-hour notice period if you intend bringing a pet with you on the flight.

Depending on the airline and the specific flight, you may have to fill in extensive paperwork and pay extra fees (often running into hundreds of Euros) before the airline grants your pet permission to board.

Preparing the documents required to travel with a pet and complying with the legal requirements for pet transport are no easy task. In fact, pet travel agencies frequently charge pet owners up to 500 Euros to book a pet ticket and arrange transport on an inter-Europe flight.

Despite the significant cost of these tickets, your pets may still end up in a cage, lost in a sea of luggage, and traumatised.

Travelling on a private jet with your pet

In contrast to commercial flights, a private jet charter allows pets and their owners to remain together throughout the flight - just as they would at home.

Pets often find new environments stressful, not to mention the bewilderment of flying for the first time. Being in close proximity to their owners, who can comfort and reassure them, will lessen the stress of travel and ensure that our four-legged passengers arrive safely and calmly.

Choosing to take a private jet with your pet also means that you’ll avoid the paperwork and complicated procedures that are usually involved in air travel for pets. Simply let us know that you’ll be bringing your pet along and we’ll contact you to arrange the details.

With no hassles at check-in, you’ll soon be on board with your pets and fellow passengers preparing to take off in comfort.

There are still a few procedures to follow

The advantages of flying on private jets with pets are considerable, but owners will still need to comply with government regulations of the country they are visiting.

Certificates of vaccination, a clean bill of health from a veterinarian or government animal testing center, and other documents may be required before your pet will be allowed to land in your destination country.

Flying private lets you include the whole family in your trip

If you’d like to bring your pet along on your next family trip, there’s really only one safe, comfortable and humane way for your four-legged companion to travel. Our charter flights to destinations in Europe, North America and other continents are accommodating of pets - and we’ll assist you throughout the booking and boarding process.

Whether you're treating your family and pet to a dog-friendly ski resort or heading to your vacation home for some well-deserved relaxation, our team is on hand to assist you with your booking.

Simply visit our booking page, select the flight dates, times, and destination that you require, and let us know you’ll be travelling with a pet. We’ll take care of the rest.

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