Paying with Bitcoin for your Private Jet Charter

Bitcoin has gone from mysterious cryptocurrency to mainstream payment method in just a few years - and now you can use it to pay for your ZUUM private charter.

Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or a veteran bitcoin trader, you’ll enjoy the ease and convenience of a bitcoin payment - not to mention low transaction fees. In this article, we’ll introduce you to our latest payment offering.

Bitcoin is here to stay - and private aviation is taking notice

A few years ago, Bitcoin was mainly traded by alternative finance enthusiasts who were fascinated by the blockchain payment processing system - but things have changed considerably since then.

  • The speed and cost-effectiveness of blockchain is achieved by allowing motivated “miners” to compete and make the payment processing cycle more efficient.
  • This results in faster transactions with almost-instant clearance times and lower fees when compared to banks.
  • As the number of investors in the Bitcoin market continues to rise, the currency has gained hugely in value - sometimes with an exciting amount of volatility.

Many entrepreneurs, especially in the tech industry, have embraced cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin not only for their efficiency but also to take a stand against traditional high finance. In the age of AI, self-driving cars and smart cities, there is a strong trend toward new forms of payment that don’t rely on central banks, Wall Street, or other traditional finance bodies.

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies becoming firmly established as payment methods and real alternatives to traditional currencies, it was only a matter of time before the aviation industry sat up and took notice.

At ZUUM, we’ve taken the leap and now offer Bitcoin payments via the Bitpay website - one of the internet’s best-known and most secure Bitcoin wallet providers.

What is Bitpay - and how does it work?

If you’d like to use your Bitcoin balance to pay for your next charter flight, you may be wondering how exactly the payment process will proceed.

Bitpay offers one of the safest bitcoin payment systems available today, with the kind of competitive payment fees that cryptocurrency traders have come to expect.

Once you’ve registered a Bitpay account, you’ll be able to transfer Bitcoins to a virtual wallet and make payments online. This has several advantages:

  • Safety - your Bitcoins will be placed in a secure wallet, offering enhanced protection from hacking
  • Ease of payment - you’ll be able to pay invoices and receive payments using Bitcoin.
  • Bitpay has a separate account option for companies, with enhanced payment features.
  • With payment volumes of almost $1 billion annually, Bitpay is a stable, well-financed payment portal that has proved itself over the past seven years.
  • The company also offers a Bitpay VISA card for customers residing in the United States, offering the same functionality as a card from any major bank.

Choosing Bitcoin as a payment method used to be problematic, mostly because the Bitcoins would need to be sold into local currency first. Bitpay eliminates this costly step, charging a flat payment fee of 1% on all transactions.

Bitcoin payments offer real financial benefits

Once your Bitpay account is set up, you’ll be able to pay for your next charter flight quickly and easily using your Bitcoin balance.

With a low transaction fee (1%) and same-day payment processing that could take as little as a few minutes, this method is ideal for last-minute flights that need to be booked and confirmed in a matter of hours.

Bitpay offers lower processing fees than most corporate credit cards, which tend to range between 2.5% and 3%. Frequent flyers will soon reap the benefits of these savings, which could amount to $200 per flight or more.

When you pay your invoice, you’ll receive a real-time conversion rate from Bitpay between Bitcoins and the currency you’re paying in (as well as a notification of the 1% transaction fee) as part of your total.

If you’ve been planning to sell some of your Bitcoins as part of your investment strategy, using your balance to book a charter flight may result in lower transaction fees (and greater value) than selling your coins for cash.

Take the leap - book your next charter flight using Bitcoin

ZUUM is embracing the future by introducing Bitcoin payments, and we’d like to invite you on our journey.

By booking your next charter flight using Bitcoin, you’ll save time, pay lower fees, and join the millions of entrepreneurs and investors worldwide who are committed to taking the “crypto” out of cryptocurrency.

If you’re bullish on alternative payment systems and new currencies, you’ll be able to put your business philosophy into action.

As you travel the world developing new client relationships and making strategic investments, knowing that your trip itself was powered by Bitcoin will give you a motivational boost to turn your vision into reality.

After you book your flight with us, simply select Bitcoin as a payment method. We look forward to welcoming you on board your first Bitcoin flight.

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