SOC Charity Track Event

Here at ZUUM we embrace opportunities to give back and make a meaningful difference. Recently, we joined the Supercar Owners’ Circle as an official partner at the SOC Track Event to show our support for the excellent development work done by Laureus Sport for Good.

A day of exclusive supercar action for an excellent sporting cause

Motor racing has a long history as one of the world’s most prestigeous sports and is synonymous with luxury travel.

With supercars being firm favorites among many of our regular clients, we felt priviledged to join the SOC at one of their premier charitable events at the Goodwood Motor Circuit on June 4th.

All proceeds from the event went to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation - an innovative NGO that builds leaders and helps to transform under-developed communities around the world through sport.

ZUUM is proud to have supported their great work by contributing a charter flight to the prize auction that was held in the afternoon after the main track event.

Gooodwood - the perfect venue for an exclusive day of motorsport

The SOC Charity Track Day brought supercar owners together for a day of high-speed action on the iconic Goodwood track.

Goodwood is one of the UK’s legendary motor racing tracks and has played host to some of the biggest names in racing since it opened in 1948.

The venue, which was built on part of the Duke of Richmond’s estate, has maintained its association with all things aristocratic over the years. This heritage was reflected in the SOC Charity Track Event dinner which was hosted at the Duke and Dutchess’ elegant manor home.

With members of the aristocracy and an exclusive network of supercar owners in attendance, this year’s event highlighted the commitment shown by Britain’s most successful people to the excellent cause of global sports development.

David Coulthard thrills guests with a championship-style lap

With F1 racing great David Coulthard attending the event the atmosphere was glamorous and electric. For many invited guests, the day’s highlight took place when he got behind the wheel and treated his fellow supercar owners to a fantastic display of high-speed driving around the track.

The presence of a legendary F1 driver the SOC event set the tone for the day’s events, which included a morning of free driving on the track followed by a lunch of haute cuisine in the famous Jackie Stewart pavillion.

SOC members and guests: some of our newest - and happiest - customers

We were proud to present ZUUM’s charter jet offering to the assembled guests during one of the scheduled breaks on the day of the event.

Many of the distinguised guests, including representatives from Maybach Autohaus and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation flew to the SOC Charity Track Day on ZUUM charter flights.

We were thrilled to hear that they had enjoyed their flights, and many of them told us that their definition of comfort and luxury have been changed by their ZUUM experience.

One of the most exciting compliments we received was from Adrian Raths, who tweeted about his experience of flying by business jet with us. After landing at a nearby airport, he was impressed to see his helicopter waiting for him on the tarmac right next to the jet he had chartered.

Feedback like this is always great to receive - and the spirit of giving that ran through the SOC event made us even prouder to be involved.

Two communities united by a sporting spirit

When an exclusive network of supercar owners gets together to raise money for a worthy cause like the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, it reminds us that the love of sport really can unite the world.

With field offices in some of the most under-developed communities on earth. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is committed to changing the lives of young people through a long-term investment in human potential.

The foundation’s philosophy is centred around empowering community leaders to organise, engage and transform young people.

Instead of parachuting in and foisting solutions on communities, this innovative charity works hand-in-hand with dynamic community sports organisers.

Communities that are currently being assisted by the Laureus Foundation have developed sports facilties, clubs and competitive teams.

This positive environment keeps young people challenged, motivated and safe from negative influences like crime and substance abuse.

As we look back on the success of the SOC Charity Track Event, we’re prouder than ever to have been involved in this exclusive and life-changing initiative. We’ll keep you updated as we continue to give back and do our part to have a positive impact in the future.

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