VIP helicopters - the newest private aviation trend

In the charter aviation industry, the private jet rules supreme as the aircraft of choice - but VIP helicopters have their own set of benefits.

Smaller, easy to fly and having the unique ability to take off vertically without needing a long runway, helicopters are a great compliment to private jets for premium business travelers who can’t afford to waste valuable time.

Despite these advantages, helicopters remain underutilised in the private charter industry - but change may be on the horizon.

VIP helicopters offer a door-to-door flying experience

Private jets remain the gold standard in the premium aviation industry, with their spacious, luxurious interiors and on-board facilities putting them in a different league.

Nonetheless, jets have one slight disadvantage when it comes to convenience: they need a runway in order to take off. Since helicopters take off vertically, the number of departure and arrival locations that they are able to service is far greater - and that means greater convenience for discerning customers.

The ability to take off from a nearby local airport or airfield is a major benefit of flying private - but many VIP passengers still find themselves frustrated by time-consuming airport transfers.

VIP helicopters allow passengers to land directly on their company HQ’s helipad or on a private yacht, delivering a truly seamless door to door travel experience.

As traffic conditions in major cities around the world remain a challenge for time-pressed executives, the time may soon come when helicopter airport transfers and short journeys (to attend meetings and site inspections) by air start to replace road travel. VIP helicopters would be the ideal aircraft for this purpose.

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A great compliment to a private jet charter

The flexibility of takeoff and landing locations that a luxury helicopter can offer makes it an excellent add-on to an existing private charter.

It’s not uncommon for business travellers to transfer from their charter jet to a helicopter that’s waiting on the runway when they land - especially for domestic travel and flights within the EU that don’t require customs and immigration checks.

A helicopter airport transfer can save valuable minutes (or even hours, depending on traffic conditions) and provides a transfer experience that’s fast and often very scenic. This makes it ideal for a business trip or a memorable family getaway.

The ideal airport transfer for yacht owners

As luxury yacht ownership remains popular among premium aviation customers, the use of VIP helicopters to land directly on-board may become even more popular in years to come.

A typical airport transfer from a local airport to a yacht usually involves a trip by road to the marina, followed by a short tender by luxury speedboat to the yacht itself.

While a chauffeur-driven transfer and comfortable speedboat ride may make the journey more comfortable, it can be time-consuming. Many yacht owners are opting for helicopter transfers to minimise frustration and maximise time spent on board.

Aircraft manufacturers gearing up with innovative new designs

As the demand for luxury helicopter travel increases, passengers aren’t the only ones imagining a new world of hassle-free premium travel. Airbus has launched a new corporate helicopter R&D division, while iconic helicopter makers Sikorsky and Leonardo are designing and releasing innovative models that are set to be game-changers.

Leonardo’s AW609 is a stylish Italian luxury helicopter-minijet hybrid with a groundbreaking tiltrotor design. This allows the aircraft to take off either vertically or on a runway.
American top-end helicopter manufacturers are bringing their own innovations to the skies. The Sikorsky VH-92A, designed specially for the U.S. President, is expected to set new standards in safety, comfort and flight distance.

While each of these new-generation luxury helicopters has its own lineup of features and innovations, there is strong overall trend toward comfort and stability, noise reduction to levels close to those of private jets, interior design, and in-flight amenities.

As top-end helicopters start to resemble jets, the usual objections that some passengers used to have against these small and often noisy aircraft may start to fade away. This would mean greater choice for passengers and an exciting opportunity for manufacturers and charter jet providers alike.

A new addition to the charter landscape

With increased interest in VIP helicopter charters, exciting new models and technologies, and the sheer convenience of beating the traffic, the whir of chopper blades may become a familiar sound to air passengers in the near future.

At ZUUM, we follow new industry developments closely - it’s part of our commitment to provide our charter jet customers with on-trend, innovative service. We will keep you updated on the exciting changes in the VIP helicopter industry via our blog.

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