5 Reasons why people fly private

Flying private is the travel method of choice for high net worth individuals around the world - but what motivates them to charter a business jet instead of booking a business class seat?

A recent report by market research experts Wealth-X reveals the various reasons why elite passengers choose to fly by private charter. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why people fly private: from safety and convenience to privacy protection.

1. Time

Air travel is a necessity when it comes to business and family trips. Passengers traveling to meetings, site visits, or reunions with relatives almost always choose to fly - but these journeys can be time consuming on commercial airlines.

The hours spent waiting in line at check in counters, security checkpoints and departure lounges can easily transform a 4 hour flight into an all-day activity. The availability of airport lounges and other facilities may ease the pain of a day spent at the airport, but there’s no way to recover the hours of wasted time.

Flying private is extremely popular among high net worth individuals because it saves time - and time is the most valuable commodity of all. With expedited check in and security check times at private terminals, passengers traveling by business jet are able to board their aircraft within minutes instead of hours.

Quick and efficient service doesn’t just save time - it eliminates stress and frustration, allowing you to focus on your work or spend time with your family once on board.

2. Efficiency and control

The majority of passengers who fly private are responsible for taking executive decisions on a regular basis. When they travel, they expect the same kind of efficiency and precision that they maintain in their own organizations.

Going from a well-organized business or public organization to the hustle and bustle of an airport check in line can be extremely disconcerting - even for business and first class passengers.

High net worth individuals - who make up the vast majority of private charter clients - rate control and efficiency as one of the top reasons for choosing the fly private. The ability to select a destination and maintain privacy during the flight was also high on their list of perceived benefits.

3. Safety

Safety is a major concern for all air passengers, and travellers who fly private are no exception. A private charter simply feels safer - from reliable aircraft and dedicated cabin crew to the sense of personal security that comes with knowing every passenger on board.

  • The experience of flying private inspires confidence in passengers from the moment they arrive at the business jet terminal.

  • Uncrowded, professional surroundings and attentive staff help to create a calm yet efficient atmosphere.

  • The spacious, luxurious interior of a private jet, with plenty of finishing touches and attention to detail, adds a further layer of safety and reliability to the passenger experience.

  • Once the flight has commenced, the level of service delivered by the cabin crew is on par with any luxury hotel or restaurant - and this matches the expectations of high net worth individuals.

With levels of efficiency and service quality that are almost impossible to experience on a commercial flight, private charters are the travel method of choice for the world’s elite passengers.

4. Privacy

Private jet passengers include well-known personalities from the worlds of business, entertainment, sport, and politics. Privacy concerns are especially important to these passengers as they aim to complete their journeys with as little disturbance as possible,

For a well-known public figure, the experience of standing in an airport terminal with thousands of eyes fixed on them can be extremely unsettling. The lack of control in situations like these - not to mention the potential for criminal acts or harassment - makes commercial air travel almost impossible.

Flying private provides a safe, seamless and controlled method of air travel for passengers who prefer to travel discreetly. With no crowds to mob them and staff who are trained to accommodate the requirements of elite travelers, the private charter experience is worlds apart from commercial airline travel.

5. Value

High net worth passengers tend to be people who know how to identify value - and their air travel preferences reflect that rare skill.

The value proposition of flying private is simple: it saves time, increases safety, and reduces the stress that’s associated with commercial airline travel. Chartering a business jet is an investment in your own time and peace of mind - and ultimately it’s an investment in their own productivity.

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