Manufacturer Focus: Cessna

91 years ago, the Cessna brand was born when a Kansas farmer decided to live his dream by building his own aircraft. Today, the Cessna Citation private jet serves customers across the globe on a daily basis.

In this article , we take a look at the history of this aviation legend - and explore some of the features of the Cessna Citation business jet.

It all started 91 years ago in Kansas...

Like many famous brands, Cessna started from humble beginnings.

In 1911, a farmer by the name of Clyde Cessna decided to build his own airplane. To the surprise of his neighbours and critics, it actually flew - all the way from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains.

This early success gave Cessna the confidence to build aircraft professionally, and he set about designing and building a number of different planes.

When the banks in his hometown of Enid, Oklahoma refused to finance his startup, he moved to Wichita, Kansas where investors were more adventurous.

By 1927 Cessna had gathered enough technical know-how and financing to start his own aviation business, but the early years were far from easy.

As fate would have it, the Cessna DC-6 was flight certified on October 9th, 1929 - the same day the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.

Cessna’s business was forced to close up shop for a few years, but as the US air force expanded its fleet ahead of World War 2, he saw a new and lucrative customer for his aircraft.

In the 1950s, Cessna shifted its focus to the civilian aviation industry. The 172 Skyhawk was an instant success, putting the manufacturer on the map and making it a household name. This plane is still widely used by flight schools because of its fuel economy and easy-flying design.

Thirty years after it was founded - and under new ownership - Cessna was on its way to selling the largest number of aircraft of any aviation firm.

Today Cessna is still going strong under the banner of Textron, which acquired the company in 1992. The business has undergone several streamlining measures since 2008 to keep it competitive in the 21st century.

The Citation - a classic business jet with lasting appeal

In 1972, Cessna launched the Citation - a business jet that would become one of the company’s best and longest sellers.

Over the years, Cessna’s Citation has evolved to meet the demands of luxury aviation passengers.

Today’s citation is a stretched and overall improved version of the 1972 original, with numerous improvements in range, fuel efficiency and cabin fittings.

Despite these changes, the original design - with its low wings, dual engine power, and T-shaped wing - has remained intact.

With over 7000 Citations sold to date, Cessna’s winning formula has served the company and its customers well for almost half a century - and it remains a popular choice today.

The Citation’s edge: price, range, fuel efficiency - and speed!

Throughout most of its production history, the Cessna Citation has performed extremely well on three important counts.

  • The jet’s range of 1625.330 nM allows it to reach almost every regional destination in North America or Europe without refuelling.
  • At $3.08 per mile, the Citation’s fuel costs are lower than those of its competitors - including the LearJet.
  • The Citation’s variable cost of $1,273 per hour makes it an excellent choice for frequently flown aircraft like business jets.

Price is always an important factor in the private charter industry - and the Citation does extremely well in this area too.

  • The current new price of a citation is less than half that of a LearJet, and around ten times less than a Gulfstream G650.

  • For passenger numbers of 7 or less, the Citation offers the lowest initial costs in its class. This translates to lower costs for charter operators - and their passengers.

These practical benefits make the Citation an excellent choice on paper - but what really appeals to charter customers is the jet’s speed.

  • The latest Citation X reaches a top speed of Mach 0.935, or 992 km/h, making it the world’s fastest civilian aircraft.

  • This translates to a 5 hour flight time between New York and Los Angeles, or 1.5 hours from Paris to Berlin.

With shorter travel times and low costs across the board, the Citation is the ideal jet for regional trips.

The Citation’s interior features comfortable leather seating, generous foldaway tables that can double as workspaces, and on-board catering. These features contribute to the Citation’s better-than-first-class environment, that makes regional trips both productive and enjoyable.

Experience the Citation's speed and comfort on your next charter flight

If you’re looking for a fast, comfortable business jet for your next trip, the Cessna Citation may be the ideal choice.

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