Salon du Cheval 2018

Paris will host an exclusive gathering of equestrian enthusiasts from November 24th to December 2nd, as the annual Salon du Cheval gets underway.

From show jumping and dressage events to live equestrian viewing and a full horse riding exhibition, this year’s event is a must-see for horse riding enthusiasts.

If you’re heading to the Salon du Cheval for the first time by private jet charter, here are some of the highlights you can look forward to.

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Sport meets entertainment at this year’s competition

There’s nothing quite like the rush of a competitive equestrian event, and this year’s Salon du Cheval has an exciting lineup of professional events.

You’ll be able to watch some of the world’s top professional horse riders compete in a variety of challenging events.

These include eventing, dressage, horse ball, harness, Western riding and showjumping.

Wellbeing advice from top equestrian specialists

A number of excellent equestrian healthcare specialists will be on hand at this year’s Salon du Cheval.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about horse anatomy, healthy riding and exercise routines, and the ideal conditions for stables and horse transportation.

If you’re a horse owner and are keen to keep your prized animal in top condition, these information sessions are a must-see.

Keen to join the action? Sign up for a leisure event

If you’re a keen horse rider who’d like to saddle up and participate in an event, the Salon du Cheval is the perfect place to show off your riding skills.

From introductory events and training workshops to the Equi Star competition - and the all-new indoor derby - you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to equestrian action.

The Salon du Cheval’s events cater to riders of various abilities and interests. If you’d like to know what events or workshops to sign up for, the event organizers will be happy to advise you.

Flying private - the ideal way to reach Paris

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