European Taxes you need to be aware of in Private Aviation

Virtually every industry has its tax obligations - and private aviation is no exception. Passengers flying to, from and around Europe need to be aware of these taxes, because they may have an impact on the total cost of a private charter.

Recently we outlined some of the aviation taxes that currently apply to passengers in the EU.

Many of our blog visitors reached out to us,asking for a more detailed break down of the main taxes - and that’s exactly what we’ll provide you with in this article.

Aviation taxes in 5 of Europe’s biggest destinations

Passengers traveling between Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the U.K. will encounter the main aviation taxes that are currently levied in the EU.

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn and find out how much they may add to your private charter invoice.

Italy - Aerotaxi Passengers Tax

This tax is one of the best known in Europe - because of how high it is. It can sometimes also be the most confusing aviation tax because it applies to each leg of the journey.

Also known as Italian Luxury Tax, it is payable on each leg of a journey that arrives or departs from an Italian airport.

The amount payable is per passenger and increases with increasing travel distance, according to the following schedule.

  • 10 Euros per leg of less than 100 km.
  • 100 Euros per leg of 101km-1500 km.
  • 200 Euros per leg of more than 1500 km.

A return flight from London to Milan, which covers approximately 940 km, would be taxed at 100 Euros x 2 legs per passenger - or 200 Euros per round trip.

For a group of 5, this would amount to 1000 Euros - a significant additional cost that’s unavoidable when travelling to Italy.

Germany - Air Transport Tax

Germany currently levies a tax on all departing passengers at German airports. The tax schedule is as follows.

  • Short haul departures(less than 2500 km): 7.50 Euros per passenger.
  • Medium haul departures(2501 to 6000 km): 23.43 Euros per passenger.
  • Long haul departures(more than 6000 km): 42.18 Euros per passenger.

The same return flight from London, landing in Berlin, would only be taxed on its departure leg.

For a group of 5 passengers, the total payable would be 37.50 Euros - significantly less than the equivalent tax in Italy.

Despite its relatively low cost, Germany’s transportation tax has been severely criticised by the country’s opposition politicians. For this reason, it’s possible that the tax may be phased out in the future.

France - Civil Aviation Tax

Passengers departing from an airport in France or French overseas territories will be charged a civil aviation tax - also known as taxe de l'aviation civile or TAC.

The amount payable per passenger differs according to the aircraft’s final destination.

  • Flights headed for E.U. countries and Switzerland are taxed at 4.48 Euros per passenger.
  • All other destinations attract a charge of 8.06 Euros per passenger.

This tax is significantly lower than those levied by Italy and Germany, and shouldn’t have a huge impact on your private charter invoice.

U.K. - Air Passenger Duty

Despite the recent developments around Brexit, the U.K. remains an integral part of the European business community and a popular destination for business jet travellers.

Passengers departing from a U.K. airport are required to pay Air Passenger Duty or APD. This tax applies to aircraft weighing more than 5.7 tons, which includes most private jets.

For most private jet flights, the standard or luxury rates will apply. These rates increase with increasing flight distance.

Small to medium-sized jets used for regional flights fall under the standard rates. Long range jets (over 20 tons) with 19 seats or less fall under the luxury rate.

The different rates per passenger are as follows.

Flight Distance Standard Rate Luxury Rate
0-2000 km 26 GBP 52 GBP
2001-4000 km 134 GBP 268 GBP
4001-6000 km 166 GBP 332 GBP
Over 6000 km 188 GBP 376 GBP

Like Italian luxury tax, Britain’s APD can add a noticeable amount to your private charter invoice. With Brexit looming, the government isn’t expected to lower these taxes in the short term.

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