Manufacturer Focus: Embraer

Over the past half-century, Brazilian aerospace giant Embraer has grown from an emerging manufacturer to the world’s third-largest producer of commercial aircraft.

Private charter passengers may be familiar with the well-known Phenom - Embraer’s flagship private jet - which is just one of the company’s impressive lineup of aircraft.

In this article we’ll explore the history of Brazil’s foremost aviation firm and take a look at some of its best-known aircraft.

A global brand with Brazilian roots

In the first decades of the 20th century, aviation was dominated by US, British and European firms.

Many of these companies, including Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell-Douglas, are still major players in the global aviation industry.

  • Seeing the potential for high-value exports in the decades following World War 2, Brazil was determined to enter the aviation industry competitively.

  • After more than twenty years of R&D, planning and government investment, the first global aviation firm in South America opened its doors.

  • Embraer was launched in 1969. Ozires Silva, a retired Brazilian Air Force Major was the company’s founder and CEO.

  • In just a few decades, Embraer would become the world’s first major aviation manufacturer outside of the Western world.

Today, Embraer has more than 1600 aircraft in active operation around the world.

Innovation, high service standards and quality assurance have allowed the company to compete effectively in an industry where quality and precision are non-negotiable.

A diverse line-up of reliable, innovative aircraft

With competitive offerings in the private charter jet, commercial passenger jet, transport aircraft and military jet categories, Embraer is one of the most versatile aircraft manufacturers operating today.

From the Phenom 300 private jet to the 190 passenger jet and the AMX A-1A fighter which is used in combat by the Brazilian Air Force, Embraer aircraft have found success in a number of different markets.

While its larger rivals had a head-start in the aviation industry, Embraer’s commitment to innovation and efficiency have allowed it to carve out a niche in the market.

In the 1970s and 80s, the global aviation industry continued its expansion to virtually every corner of the world. At that time, Embraer adopted industry best practices from its Northern Hemisphere rivals while using its experience in a developing market to appeal to a range of customers across the world.

When it comes to business jets, Embraer’s Phenom 300 has established itself as a firm favourite among private charter companies and their clients.

To see why, let’s take a closer look at the design, specifications and special features that this business jet has to offer.

The Phenom 300: a cost-effective, luxurious powerhouse

The Phenom 300 is Embraer’s latest business jet offering, replacing the Phenom 100 as the company’s flagship private aircraft.

The Phenom 300 is based on a similar turboprop design as its predecessor and shares several design elements with the Embraer ERJ 145 regional jet.

What makes the Phenom special is its optimised design that maximises every aspect - from safety to comfort - to provide a best-in-class turboprop private jet.

Here are some of the features that make the Phenom 300 stand out in its category.

  • Durable design features inspired by commercial aircraft - including Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and a Garmin Prodigy flight deck.
  • An imposing design with swept wings - another design element borrowed from larger commercial aircraft.
  • A comfortable, sleek interior with a very walkable centre isle and moveable, retractable seats for a comfortable journey.
  • A passenger capacity of 11 - providing plenty of space for business trips and mid-air strategy sessions.
  • A large fuel capacity that extends the jet’s range to 2000nM - that’s just over 3700km.

The Phenom’s combination of luxury, cost effectiveness and generous flight range make it the ideal aircraft for private charter operators.

While passengers enjoy the jet’s modern feel and comfortable interior, operators are able to offer charter flights at competitive rates thanks to the Phenom’s fuel efficiency and reduced ownership costs.

An increasing number of business executives and owners are choosing to fly private - and manufacturers like Embraer are taking notice.

Business jets like the Phenom are becoming the aircraft of choice for luxurious short to medium-haul journeys. We’d like to invite you to experience this remarkable jet on your next private charter flight.

Flying private - the only way to experience business jet luxury

If you’d like to experience the unrivalled space, comfort, and luxury of an Embraer or other premium aircraft, there’s only one way: flying private.

Next time you fly, be it for business or pleasure, we’d love the opportunity to assist you with all aspects of your journey. From your arrival at the private terminal, to a hassle-free check-in process and a luxurious flight, your travel arrangements will be in the best hands.

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