Salon Retromobile

Vintage car lovers will be heading to France in early 2019 for the annual Salon Retromobile event, which takes place from 6 to 10 February.

Paris Expo at Port de Versailles will host one of the world’s premier classic car events - and guests will have plenty to look forward to.

Salon Retromobile 2019 is an even that’s not to be missed - and a private charter jet is the best way to get there.

From a landmark celebration of one of the most iconic cars in history to expert talks on motoring history and the chance to buy rare parts for classic sports cars, there will be plenty to experience at this year’s event.

Here are some highlights to look forward to at Salon Retromobile 2019.

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Mini turns 60

2019 is an important year for two of the world’s most iconic cars.

60 years ago, the Mini defied trends of the day to create a cult-like following for smaller vehicles. In an era when large American V8s dominated the automotive landscape, Mini changed history in 1959 with its compact size and fuel efficiency.

The Mini’s combination of unusual looks and defiantly compact proportions made it the ideal car for the turbulent youth of the 1960’s. To this day, it remains a symbol of youthful, chic defiance and a break with tradition.

To celebrate Mini’s 60th anniversary, the 2019 Salon Retromobile will feature an eye-catching display of road-ready, beautifully restored Minis.

Bedelia - a true retro classic

More than a century ago, 18-year-old Robert Bourbeau and Henri Devaux built a makeshift car when their trusty old motorcycle finally broke down for good.

The resulting design, with its tub-like body and large wheels, is hugely popular with retro car fans - and this year’s Salon Retromobile will feature 14 of the 18 remaining models on earth.

Vintage motorcycles join the 2019 lineup

Classic motorcycles and sidecars are iconic symbols of times gone by.

Guests at this year’s Salon Retromobile will be the first to view the all-new motorcycle exhibit, which is set to feature vintage bikes from the UK, US and continental Europe.

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