New ZUUM Website Announcement!

ZUUM would like to announce the launch of our brand new website, featuring exciting new features, search functions and options!

All this has been made possible with our unique AI-integrated search function that brings you real-time aircraft and flight options, and their related rates.

With this technology we are able to track the movements of aircraft, where they will be, at what time and whether they are available for a private charter or not.

You can now search based on the type of aircraft you’d like to use, departure dates, departure airports or special requests.

How does it work?

You simply put in your departure airport city, arrival airport or city along with the day and time you need to travel, and you’ll be given three options:

Instant Book: This gives you the option to book a Turboprop or Light Jet at a guaranteed fixed price instantly, just like you’d book a scheduled flight! 24-Hours later, you’re sent the aircraft details and the Charter Agreement, which you will need to sign to complete the booking. If you choose to cancel at this point, you’re refunded the full amount.

This option is perfect for smaller groups or individuals traveling on short routes.

Smart Request: This function gives you the option to pre-select the aircraft type with a related price range. We get back to you within 2 hours with the specific aircraft and rate, at which point we secure the booking for you.

This option is for larger groups traveling longer than 3 hours, or clients looking for a more premium option.

Bespoke Requests: If your needs are quite specific then you can send a request detailing the specific services you need, and we will get back to you with all your available options.

This option is perfect for sports people, if you're traveling with pets, or if you need to get to an irregular destination.

Within the Smart Request and Instant Booking categories, you’re able to search through the options, based on:

  • Manufacturer – for those who are brand sensitive
  • Price – if you have to work within a set budget
  • Amenities – if you need specific basic services

If you choose the Bespoke Request service, you will be given an extensive list of services from which to choose, including traveling with pets or children, sports equipment or if you’ll need wheelchair access. You are also able to specify anything not included in the list we have provided, to make sure that the options we send you are the most appropriate for your specific needs.

Our aim with this new website and all the changes we’ve made to streamline the search and booking functions, is to make the lives of our clients as easy as possible, saving you time and money – without compromising on quality!

Go on, check it out for yourself!!