Manufacturer focus - Beechcraft

If you’re a regular business jet traveller, you may have already experienced the luxurious interiors and quick flight times offered by one of Beechcraft’s aviation range.

With decades of experience in aircraft manufacturing and a familiar brand that has reinvented itself over the years, Beechcraft is still one of the big names in private aviation.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the manufacturer that brought us the hugely popular Hawker 700 business jet.

86 years of aviation excellence

In 1932, Walter Beech and his family founded an aircraft company in Wichita, Kansas - the same town where Cessna still has its headquarters. The small-town rivalry between the two manufacturers would last decades, even as they both grew to international scale.

Like many smaller manufacturers, Beech started out by building aircraft for the military, with the Beechcraft Staggerwing flying numerous missions for the U.S. Air Force during World War 2.

Other notable Beechcraft models from the company’s early period include the Bonanza, King Air and Super King Air. The Bonanza is notable for having the longest production run of any aircraft in history, from 1947 till today.

A pioneer in gender equality

When Walter Beech passed away in 1950, the company entered a new era. In a milestone for gender equality, Beech’s widow and Beechcraft co-founder took over as CEO and led the business successfully for a further 30 years.

In an era when business - and manufacturing in particular - was almost completely male dominated, Anne Olive Beech was a trailblazer.

She would be known in the industry as the “first lady of aviation”.

The Beechcraft Hawker - an evergreen favourite

In the 1980s, Beechcraft was acquired by Raytheon. The company refocused its manufacturing on the private jet market after acquiring the Hawker private jet range from British Aerospace.

The Hawker range of business jets would put Beechcraft on the map as a manufacturer of luxury aircraft - just as its old rival Cessna was entering the same market.

More than 40 years have passed since since the Hawker range made its debut in the 1970s - but this business jet remains a huge hit among private aviation clients. Several Hawker models were released over the years, with each one offering tweaks and improvements over its predecessor.

The Hawker 700, which made its debut in 1977, was originally developed by British Aerospace.
From 1980 it became part of the Raytheon/Beechcraft family, with production taking place both in the UK and at Beechcraft’s factory in Kansas.

The Hawker’s long-standing appeal can probably be narrowed down to one major advantage it has over its rivals - generous cabin space. Passengers who board a Hawker for the first time on a private charter flight will notice a sense of space and comfort in the plane’s interior that easily matches a commercial first-class cabin.

  • In contrast to other private jets, which are designed around a compact layout, the Hawker provides ample cabin height and wide, plush seating for 8 passengers.

  • Passengers will find the usual comforts on board, including closet storage, slide out dining or meeting tables, and a three-seater divan.

  • Many Hawker 700 models have custom interiors featuring the latest entertainment and communications technology.

The Hawker 700 can fly around 2000 nautical miles with all seats occupied, making it an ideal aircraft for inter-Europe flights and most trips in and around the United States and Canada.

Tough, reliable and carefully maintained

The Hawker 700 has a reputation for durability in the aviation industry, with its tough build quality and reliable Honeywell engines.

Hawker models require frequent safety inspections, ensuring that any maintenance issues will be picked up in the early stages. That could be the reason why the Hawker 700 is known to be a model that seldom comes in for emergency maintenance.

For passengers and charter operators, safety and reliability are non-negotiable. The Hawker 700 scores extremely well on both counts.

Experience the spacious comfort of a Hawker on your next private charter flight

Whether you’re flying from London to Moscow, Paris to Rome, or New York to Toronto, you’ll enjoy a comfortable journey in a Hawker 700.

With large, spacious seats that swivel and adapt to your body position and a roomy cabin that will give you space to relax and move about at your leisure, a flight aboard a Hawker 700 is a true first class experience.

Next time you’re planning a short or medium haul trip, we’d love the opportunity to arrange your journey.

If you’d like to experience the Hawker 700 on your next charter flight, simply let us know and we will prepare your itinerary based on the available aircraft at your departure airport.

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