If You Love Wine, Don't Miss Vinitaly 2019

Wine lovers in the EU and beyond will be heading to Verona, Italy in the second week of April for one of the world’s great wine shows.

Vinitaly, which runs from 7-10 April, showcases some of the finest Italian and global wines on offer today. Here are some of the viticultural delights that await visitors to this year’s show.

Fine drinks from Italy and around the world

Vinitaly brings together wine connoisseurs, producers, and newbies who are keen to explore the world of flavours that every bottle of fine wine contains.

The exhibition runs over four days with food and wine pairings, presentations, and tasting workshops easily filling the hours between delicious meals.

  • While the focus at Vinitaly is on Italian wine - from Chianti to Muscato and many more in between - exhibitors at the event are drawn from all corners of the world.

  • French, Chilean, Argentinian, Australian, South African, and American wines will be on offer at this year’s event.

  • A large selection of artisanal beers and spirits will add variety to this year’s show.

  • An entire session on the history and appreciation of Japanese sake (a type of rice wine) will also feature on the 2019 Vinitaly calendar.

Explore one of Europe’s most romantic cities

Verona, which was the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is synonymous with romance.

The traditional villas and stone towers which line the city’s older streets could have been lifted from the pages of a fairy tale, while Verona’s excellent restaurants are the perfect venue for modern day romance.

Arena di Verona, an amphitheater dating back to Roman times, is still used today. The venue hosts productions of Italian opera that take place under the stars, bringing music to life.

Lake Garda, which can be reached after a short trip outside the city, is the perfect venue for nature lovers.

With so much to do in Verona, saving time is a must

If you’re heading to Verona for this year’s Vinitaly show, there’s no quicker way to arrive than by private charter.

After a relaxing, private flight, you’ll be ready to take in the city’s scenery, dining, culture - and wine, of course.

To book your private charter, simply enter your flight dates on our website. The ZUUM team will prepare your itinerary right away.