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Luxury Wine Tasting Routes and Wineries in Provence

With the perfect balance of sunny days and cool evenings, France’s region of Provence is a popular destination for fine wine connoisseurs and those seeking a luxury escape.

Provence is gifted with geography primed to grow its population of grapevines that line the landscape.

Provence’s gorgeous vineyards serve a dual purpose: their grapes’ lush colours paint a portrait of elegance across the region while also providing the main ingredient for Provence’s signature rosé wines.

Wine tasting routes are available for travellers looking to explore and visit distinguished wineries. Here are the luxury routes to take when visiting Provence.

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Avignon to Aix

Whether you are hiking in the Alpilles or enjoying the sun on the Mediterranean coast, this route promises an endless wealth of opportunities to experience the marvels of Provence and to also sample a taste (or two) of France’s finest rosé.
If you want to try something different, Provence wineries vary, and depending on the location, you can choose from fresh white or red wines. Regardless of what you choose, you can expect an aromatic, and high-quality wine.

Must-visit wineries include:

Domaine de Fontenille

This winery provides luxury accommodations and has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. Also, its house has 17 discrete rooms and suites.

Chêne Bleu Winery

For the last decade, Xavier and Nicole Rolete have tirelessly worked and researched with industry experts to craft award-winning wines biodynamically.

Toulon to Nice

Reaching across the Riviera, Provence’s luscious vineyards extend to Bandol — all the way to Saint-Tropes and even around the city of Manosque. Lavish stretches of lavender accompanied by olive trees enhance the already unforgettable scenery.
Provence vineyards are known for their hospitality, luxury wine tastings, and excitement to share their insight on every facet of fine wine. Feel free to ask about food pairing and find the best wine for your favourite dish.

Must-visit wineries include:

Château de Berne

Nestled between Nice and Marseille, this vineyard offers a range of fine wine options, including red, rosé and white.

Domaines Ott

Guided by one of the fathers of Provencal rosé, Marcel Ott, the Domaines Ott is a winery where you can try rosés from the three primary Provence terroirs.

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