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The Magic of Chocolate in Geneva, Switzerland

The embodiment of luxury, Switzerland is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes as well as producing some of the world’s highest-quality exports from cheese to watches.

But for chocolate connoisseurs, Switzerland is synonymous with the highest-quality chocolate available.

Showcasing Switzerland’s sweeter side, the city of Geneva is home to visionaries whose dedication to the craft of luxury chocolate creation has inspired multiple generations of chocolatiers for over 100 years.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 confectioneries to get your chocolate fix during your stay in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Auer Chocolatier

In 1939, Auer was founded and established in the heart of Rue de Rive. The Auer family passionately creates a large line of gourmet chocolates that draw inspiration from five generations of chocolatiers.
Delicately and lovingly crafting truffles, ganaches, princess almonds, and pralines, Auer introduces guests to the luxurious blend of fine ingredients with elegant presentation. For those interested in trying out a bit of everything, they offer an assortment of over 50 different chocolates.

Du Rhône Chocolatier

Boasting a wide array of chocolate concoctions, Du Rhône brings a simply sumptuous experience by pairing mouth watering chocolates with flavoured coffee and a selection of refined tea. Their artisanal production treats taste buds to chocolates, macaroons, pine nuts and puff pastries.
Dedicated to every aspect of cocoa craftsmanship, Du Rhône offers workshops for guests to take a peek into what they refer to as their “own world of chocolate”. Also, they allow you to create your own custom chocolate for family and friends with the guidance of their Maître Chocolatier and team.


With an impressive 190 years of history in preparing and manufacturing high-quality chocolates, Favarger’s creations are made from 100% natural ingredients. This approach to using only all-natural ingredients produces an exceptional flavour that is interlaced into each exquisite bite.
Favarger’s scrumptious offerings include ganaches, pralines, spreads, drinking chocolate and bars. Their signature treat, Avelines, are a mix of hazelnuts, almonds and Madagascan Bourbon vanilla.

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