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Iconic Dishes to Seek in Milan

Travellers in search of exquisite, rich cuisine need to look no further than Milan. A cultural force in fashion and art, Milan also boasts a wide assortment of iconic culinary delights, which are steeped in a deep tradition of creating the richest dishes imaginable.

Known for its comfort food, Milan produces a rare calibre of chefs who are devoted to concocting all forms of vacation fuel for visitors in need of a meal to match the grand sights and sounds of the bustling city.

Certainly, this cuisine pairs extraordinarily well with any luxury trip to Milan, and we’ve compiled a list of iconic dishes and where to find them.

Ratanà’s Risotto alla Milanese

At Ratanà, Chef Cesare Battisti’s offers a simple formula for creating extravagant dishes, “fewer ingredients, cleaner flavours”. Ratanà’s Risotto alla Milanese is a rich, creamy, saffron enriched dish — undoubtedly worth its weight in gold. As an added bonus, the restaurant resides within a building from the 1800s, so you can have a taste of history alongside your meal.

Manna’s Cassoeula

Traditionally a winter dish, Manna’s Cassoeula proves delicious during any time of the year. Cassoeula is a hearty stew comprised of savoy cabbage and pork, providing palates with a powerful, distinct taste and soothing texture. Matteo Fronduti, the mind behind Manna’s Cassoeula, takes an inventive approach and adds vinegar to better compliment the flavour of the pork.

Pasticceria Martesana’s Panettone

Founded in 1966, Martesana Milano has been in the business of producing luscious baked goods for 5 decades. And nowhere is this dedication to the confectionary craft more apparent than in their Panettone. Mixed with egg, butter, raisins, and candied fruits, each fluffy loaf of baked goodness is indeed a luxury treat.

Masuelli San Marco’s Polenta

A typically simple dish — but in the right hands — polenta is brimming with complexity, and it’s Masuelli San Marco’s unique take that makes this a must-try. Masuelli San Marco’s polenta is served with a raw egg yolk and cheese fondue, requiring hours of commitment and patience to cook to perfection.
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