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Must-see Paris Exhibitions in 2019

Spring is in full bloom, and Paris provides the ideal locale for a luxury trip blossoming with sophistication.

In the City of Light and Love, there’s something truly special in witnessing its beauties first-hand, and its exhibitions offer a unique space to do so.

As the season changes to reflect Paris’s signature vibrance, now is the perfect time to visit and explore all that this gorgeous city offers.

For those looking to visit Paris and experience its world-renowned museums, these are 5 must-see exhibitions in 2019.

1. Van Gogh, Starry Night — the Atelier des Lumières

(Now to 3 December)

Projected on all surfaces of the Atelier, the Starry Night is a digital exhibition that immerses visitors in the brilliant paintings of Vincent van Gogh. More than a glimpse, this exhibit allows visitors to take a deep look into the life, art, and mind of Van Gogh by viewing the dramatic evolution of his work.

2. Tutankhamun, Treasure of the Pharaohs — La Villette

(Now to 15 September)

The exhibition Tutankhamun, the Treasury of the Pharaoh celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of the royal tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter. The exhibit is showcasing over 150 pieces, and a third of them are leaving Egypt for the first time, marking this as an unmissable event.

3. Poison — Palais de la Découverte

(Now to 11 August)

A celebration of nature’s ingenuity, The Poison exhibit showcases 25 terrariums and paludariums, allowing visitors to view a multitude of poisonous creatures within the comfort of a safe environment. It features species of reptiles, amphibians, and poisonous and venomous arthropods.

4. The Courtauld Collection: A Vision for Impressionism — Louis Vuitton Foundation

(Now to June 17)

The Courtauld Collection: A Vision for Impressionism exhibition presents 110 impressionist works collected by art patron Samuel Courtauld. A rare gem, this elusive exhibit hasn’t been shown in Paris for 60 years and contains masterpieces from the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th.

5. The Moon: from real travel to imaginary journeys — the Grand Palais

(Now to 22 July)

2019 represents a unique moment in time, as The Moon celebrates the 50-year anniversary of the first human to step foot on the moon. This is a five-part exhibition that showcases art inspired by the moon, including works from African, Arab and Far Eastern civilisations.

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