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Switzerland in the Summer: A Hidden Gem

Typically considered a must-visit winter destination, Switzerland in the summer is a hidden gem, teeming with unforgettable sights, luxury resorts, and exciting activities and events.

While most summer spots only offer a few key features, Switzerland stands out with its sheer variety of locations to visit.

In truth, Switzerland is an absolute treasure to visit any time of the year, but there is one considerable difference brought on by the summer — its weather. During summertime, Switzerland's characteristically cold climate is replaced by sunny skies and cool breezes, making its beauty more accessible than ever.

The warmest time of year is generally mid-July where highs are regularly around 22.7°C -ideal for hiking or sightseeing - with temperatures rarely dropping below 11.9°C at night.

In terms of luxury accommodations, Switzerland is home to many world-famous resorts, including Zermatt, Verbier, and Crans Montana, all of which exude their own individual charm.

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Switzerland's musical events

Summer in Switzerland promises and delivers a wide assortment of musical events that are sure to make this season especially memorable.

The Züri Fäscht (July 5th-7th) - a gigantic event with loads of music, delicious food and spectacular fireworks - is Switzerland's largest festival. It is hosted by Zürich once every three years, including this year 2019. Over two million visitors will take over the streets along the River Limmat and the Old Town.

Another notable attraction, the Montreux Jazz Festival (28th June – 13th July), is the world's second-largest annual jazz festival.

Need even more music? The Zurich Openair (21st – 25th August) starts in late August and boasts a star-studded lineup of singers and musicians.

Experience, adventure, and explore

Gazing at Switzerland's remarkable scenery is an experience all on its own — but just as exhilarating is stepping outside and seeing it up close. Unlike other summer vacation spots, Switzerland offers adrenaline seekers a variety of distinct terrains to explore.

There's hiking, climbing, biking, skydiving, bungee jumping, golf, and everything else under the sun. Also, if you missed out on skiing this winter, you should take a trip to the Alps and visit the slopes.

The Swiss National Day

The first of August marks a national holiday and an annual celebration that's taken place for over 100 years — The Swiss National Day. Each year, residents and travellers gather in Bern, Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano to watch marvellous firework displays, bonfires on hills as well as elaborately decorated buildings.
Festivities ensue on the days surrounding the celebration for those looking to get the most out of this cherished Swiss holiday.

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