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Private jet customers are getting younger

In the corporate world, demographics are shifting, and CEOs are getting younger and younger.

The rise of younger, tech-savvy CEOs opting for private charter flights is in response to the growing demand for fast, efficient, and comfortable travel at a moment's notice. The window for planning business trips is rapidly shrinking — often less than a week — and private flight charters provide professionals with a solution.

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Advantages of flying private vs commercial

  • Private flights save time.
    For young entrepreneurs and CEOs, corporate responsibilities rarely fit neatly within an 8-hour workday. Each moment saved is an invaluable asset, and showing up 2-3 hours early for a commercial flight is far from ideal. Private charter flights cut through the inefficiency, allowing travellers to save precious hours.

  • Private flights offer luxury and comfort.
    Anyone who has flown commercial is well-aware that peace and quiet are luxuries not included. After arriving 2 or 3 hours early and sluggishly shuffling through security, commercial flyers are rewarded for their efforts by being stuffed into cramped seats. To tackle the day's challenges, young professionals are relaxing and strategising during private flights, enjoying the silence, roomy seats, gourmet food, and a much-deserved glass of champagne.

  • Private flights provide unmatched flexibility.
    When flying commercial, professionals are no longer following their own schedule — they're falling in line with the airline's. Commercial flight schedules are set in advance and aren't designed to accommodate sudden corporate trips. With private flights, CEOs can meet tight deadlines and travel to emergency meetings with time to spare.

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