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Booking a Jet for Your Boss Made Easier

The life of an executive assistant is undoubtedly stressful, and with growing demands for companies to compete on a global scale, it isn't getting easier any time soon. You organize schedules in conflicting time zones, plan trips as well as manage a whole host of peripheral responsibilities behind the scenes. Even more impressive, you handle these challenges by yourself, but what if you didn't need to?

From innovative AI to fast booking, ZUUM makes setting up a luxury private charter flight for your boss quick and easy, saving you and your company time and energy.

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Save time by flying private

In the corporate world, every second counts and ZUUM is dedicated to saving professionals time at a competitive rate. With AI and best in class UX, passengers can expect fast and reliable travel with the speed and efficiency that only a private charter flight offers. Check-ins for private flights are much shorter than traditional flights and provide your boss and company schedule more room to breathe.

Transparent booking

ZUUM's revolutionary platform allows you to instantly book a private light jet or turboprop for your company trip. You can book a flight with a phone or laptop. Just as important as speed and efficiency, is ensuring that your company has access to a transparent booking process and prices. With ZUUM, passengers have a variety of options at their disposal, tailor made to match them with the right aircraft with an accurate quote. Your boss’ private flight can be booked in real-time at a guaranteed price or aircraft categories can be selected with a minimum/maximum quote threshold.

Flexible flight schedules

Did you know that most business flights are planned only a week in advance? ZUUM created the world's first intelligent online private aircraft booking platform with flexibility built right into its design. Our cloud-based platform connects owners, operators, and passengers directly to secure the earliest flights available.

Set up a private flight for your boss today with ZUUM

If it's your first time planning a private charter flight for your boss, or you just need clarification, call or email our dedicated concierge service at any time. ZUUM is here to help with any and all questions.

To begin planning your trip, select your preferred travel dates on our booking page.

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