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ZUUM Partners: TopLife Concierge

We are happy to announce ZUUM’s Partnership with TopLife Concierge.

Our unique Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered private jet booking platform and TopLife Concierge's commitment to creating a luxury service for both corporate and individuals makes TopLife Concierge and ZUUM excellent partners.

Here's a brief overview of their services as well as an upcoming event.

Pure Drivers Club (21st September 2019, Milan, Lake Como)

In late September, TopLife Concierge will be providing its luxury concierge services during the hosting of the Pure Drivers Club. This extravagant event places a spotlight on the passion of the supercar community, currently spotlighting an exclusive roster of participants (maximum of 20) and showcasing their modern luxury sports cars.

What you can expect from TopLife Concierge?

Outsourced reception and concierge staff

First impressions are crucial to crafting an authentic luxury experience. TopLife Concierge's staff is trained to maintain a consistent 5-star standard during every event, leaving an impeccable first and lasting impression.

Available concierge service 24/7

Requests happen during all hours, so TopLife Concierge remains available around the clock. Their staff fulfils any request at a moment's notice — whether it be transfers, accommodations, restaurants and event reservations, gifts, and even last-minute purchases. All of this with no subscription fees.

Welfare and rewards programs for any need

TopLife Concierge provides custom welfare and rewards programs for employees, clients, and agents to inspire top-of-the-line performance and success. They achieve results through the selection of carefully chosen prizes that peak intrigue and connect with target recipients.

Event valet parking

TopLife Concierge's valet services present guests and clients with a high level of care and attention to detail — with customer experience at the forefront. Their seasoned professionals display an unmatched dedication to ensuring that departures and arrivals are quick and stress-free.

Property and vehicle management

For property management, TopLife Concierge maintains and prepares your property and manages short-term rentals. For vehicle management, they preserve your vehicles in pristine condition and can store them in their protected venue in Milano, Italy, while you're away.

Collaborate and partner with ZUUM

ZUUM is continually searching for new opportunities to provide travellers with even more luxury assistance— from takeoff to return and everything else in-between.
If you are interested in a partnership with ZUUM, check out our Independent Contractors Portal and reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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