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ZUUM Partners: All Japan Tours

Dedicated to connecting travellers to luxury trips and unforgettable experiences all around the world, ZUUM's partnership with All Japan Tours offers you an exclusive opportunity to experience Japan with a tour that caters to your interests in the beautiful island country.

We are happy to announce that ZUUM is now providing All Japan Tours with business jet flights! ZUUM’s AI-powered booking system allows our clients and partners to book a private jet instantly - make flying private easy and accessible.

Why choose AJT? The first and only of its kind

All Japan Tours (AJT) distinguishes itself from other tour specialists in a myriad of ways, but its most prominent difference is that it's the only Japan specialist in the US with a Japan office and coaches available. This direct connection with Japan positions them to provide fully escorted luxury Japan tour packages, custom vacations, private tours, and customized itineraries.

Seasoned and sophisticated guides

Undoubtedly — in Japan — there's a lot to do, but also, a lot to miss. That's why AJT staffs extremely knowledgeable and friendly guides based in Japan, so you can completely immerse yourself in the culture, fine dining, sights, architecture, and street life. All AJT's tours are carefully curated and planned based on seasonal attractions by guides with extensive experience and enthusiasm for Japan's distinct cities and locations.

Customized itineraries

Sometimes, the most rewarding adventures take place far off the beaten path. Understanding this, AJT also presents you with the freedom of a customized itinerary that's specifically designed to your luxury vacation needs. Each customized itinerary is arranged around your interests and offers the flexibility for spontaneity, which can include memorable experiences like learning the timeless techniques of calligraphy, the centuries-old Japanese art of flower arranging (ikebana) or joining an immersive green tea ceremony.

Travel and relax in luxury

Depending on the specifics of your trip, there might be a lot of ground to cover, and AJT is there for you to rely on: regardless of your mode of transportation, there’s a luxury option every step of the way.

Collaborate and partner with ZUUM

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