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ZUUM Partners: Falcons Luxury

Sharing the same passion for luxury travel, ZUUM is excited to partner with Falcons Luxury. Falcons Luxury prides itself on providing elegance and high comfort to those in need of a limousine or luxury transport. With this partnership, travellers can expect an exquisite travel experience in the leisure of luxury.

A luxury vehicle for any occasion

Falcons Luxury provides a range of vehicles within its fleet, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Range Rover, Porsche, and Ferrari.

Airport transfer

A private charter jet is the perfect starting point to any luxury trip: the comfort, convenience and security of a ZUUM private jet flight are unmatched. But what about after landing? Falcons Luxury creates a seamless transition for travellers with comfortable, and equally as important, reliable travel. A driver will pick you up at Zurich Airport ZRH at luggage drop-off, tend to your luggage, and drive to your desired destination.

Elegant tours

Luxury tours don't fit the one-size-fits-all approach, which is why Falcons Luxury offers travellers an elegant solution with a fleet of vehicles to ensure that you take in the sights and sounds of Zurich and the surrounding area in private. Tours are flexible, accommodate small or large groups, and can be set up for a single-day or multiple-day excursions.

Chauffeur service

Luxury trips are all about comfort and flexibility, and this is especially true in regards to day-to-day travel. Falcons Luxury's chauffeurs will escort you anywhere within driving distance of Zurich. If you're in search of a more familiar ride, drivers can chauffeur you in your vehicle and are experienced in driving vehicles of all types.

Collaborate and partner with ZUUM

ZUUM is continually searching for new opportunities to provide travellers with even more luxury assistance— from takeoff to return and everything else in-between.
If you are interested in a partnership with ZUUM, check out our Independent Contractors Portal and reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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