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ZUUM Partners: Boataffair

When planning a luxury trip, extravagance is found in the smallest details.

Flying private with ZUUM is the perfect starting point to any luxury trip.
However, vacations are a moment-to-moment experience, and ZUUM takes every measure to ensure that each aspect of your retreat is curated to your distinct tastes. Sharing the same enthusiasm to travellers setting out to sea,
Boataffair’s passion for providing exceptional experiences makes them the ideal partner for ZUUM.

An extensive inventory of charter yachts and experiences

With any luxury experience, land or sea, the selection is key.
Boataffair’s extensive selection embodies this sentiment, as they extend to boaters a vast assortment of options to choose from, including crewed or bareboat excursions, sailing yachts, catamarans, and motor yachts.

Vessels are available for charter in more than 60 countries. And even better, Boataffair’s network of boat owners have crafted experiences for sailors searching for an adventure designed specifically around their chosen locale. These one-of-a-kind experiences are perfect for celebrations, team building events, weddings, and more.

Tailormade for any experience level

Dedicated to creating the perfect sailing trip, Boataffair uniquely caters their service to travellers with varying experience levels. In the past, setting sail for less-seasoned adventurers presented many challenges and few solutions. With Boataffair, vacationers can rent or charter a premium yacht, and they offer insight on what vessels are best-suited for individual needs and experience levels.

A network of trusted and passionate boat owners

Without the proper guidance and knowledge, finding a boat to rent or charter can prove to be an impossible task. Boataffair removes the guesswork by carefully vetting boat owners, verifying that their vessel meets safety and quality standards through a meticulous verification process that includes checking insurance and maintenance papers.

Collaborate and partner with ZUUM

ZUUM is continually searching for new opportunities to provide travellers with even more luxury experiences — from takeoff to return and everything else in-between.
If you are interested in a partnership with ZUUM, check out our Independent Contractors Portal and reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.