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Empty Leg Flights

For frequent travellers accustomed to luxury private charter flights, empty leg flights open up a wide assortment of travel options or spur-of-the-moment trips.

You have likely heard of this hidden gem in passing, but what exactly does it mean?
Simply put, private charter empty leg flights are flights at a discounted rate that allow for short-notice travel in luxury. And unlike commercial flights, empty leg passengers are rewarded for their savvy rather than penalized with increased costs and cramped quarters.

There’s a little more to it though, and here is a break down the specifics.

What is an empty leg flight?

A common occurrence with private charter jets, empty leg flights (or simply “empty legs”) typically take place on the return of a booked one-way flight. For one-way flights, the charter jet leaves to meet its next passenger or returns to its home airport, and this presents an ideal opportunity to snag a comfortable, cost-effective seat.

Although empty leg flights can offer flexibility as an option to take an unplanned flight, it is important to note that they follow a pre-established schedule. If you need a flight specifically tailored to your schedule, we recommend setting up a private charter flight with us.

Who are empty leg flights designed for?

The short answer to this question is everyone in search of a convenient, economical approach to travelling in luxury and leisure. Empty legs are also the perfect nudge in the right direction if you are set on a vacation but cannot pinpoint where to go.

Typical empty leg flyers are:

  • On the lookout for a great flight at an equally great price
  • Taking a short-notice trip or a spontaneous vacation
  • Business professionals or entrepreneurs who must arrive at their destination quickly
  • Travelers who are always ready for an adventure and have a taste for breathtaking locales

Because all of ZUUM charter flights are set to extravagant destinations, so are their empty leg flights, which means that even at a discounted rate, you are travelling in the pinnacle of private aviation.

How to find and save on an empty leg flight?

For empty legs in Europe, ZUUM provides an extensive array of luxury charter flights. The points of departure and arrival vary, but each flight is competitively priced and characteristically extravagant. To browse through your destinations, visit our deals page.

To begin planning your trip, select your preferred travel dates and locations on our booking page.

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