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Charter Private Business Jets

In today’s business world, timeliness is more valuable than any commodity. Make-or-break deals are not the exception anymore, but instead, the norm.

As a result, more businesses are quickly leaving commercial flights behind and opting for flying in luxury and leisure.

Commercial flights are an expense, business jet charters are an investment

Although the ability to quickly travel through private flights proves to be one of their most stand-out-features, comfort and convenience cannot be overlooked.

The goal of flying commercial seems narrowly focused on getting from point A to point B, regardless of the hassle, long waits in line, lack of privacy, etc. In the inverse, corporate flights offer a relaxed environment that prepares business professionals for the next step of their meeting. Professionals and corporations understand that arriving at your destination isn’t enough, you need to be refreshed and ready for what comes next instead of feeling stressed and exhausted.

Business aircrafts

Each private jet in ZUUM’s carefully crafted catalogue provides an upgrade from typical modes of travel and serve different corporate flying roles. Commonly referred to as business jets, Midsize Jets are ideal for groups of 14+ passengers and long-distance flights. These spacious and hospitable crafts can house in-flight meetings and offer flexible seating configurations, and meals.

For groups of up to 580 passengers, VIP Airliners (or “flying palaces”) present nearly endless options for luxury customization. Impressively more spacious than the Midsize Jets, if full occupancy is not met, the aircraft can include Jacuzzis, private suites, a full salon bar, and other lavish additions.

Cost of business travel

ZUUM business jet charters are completely customizable, and in turn, prices may differ depending on the luxury features selected as well as standard flight charges.
Some costs include:

  • VIP lounge
  • Layover
  • Jet crews
  • Landing and departure fees
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Discover your perfect private business jet with ZUUM

If you are a professional planning a business jet charter, ZUUM’s dedication to extravagant services and top-class air travel positions you and your team for success by removing the tedium and anxiety associated with commercial travel.

To begin planning your trip, select your preferred travel dates and locations on our booking page.

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