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How to Fly Private Charter Smarter and More Cost-effective

Private flights are designed to be a tailored-made experience that suits travellers and their guests’ individual needs.

In turn, every detail must be carefully curated to ensure that the flight accommodates for comfort and quality while also taking into account budget and price.

These are our tips on finding the right luxury private charter for the right price.

Included costs

As with any travel, distance plays a significant role in pricing. However, with charter flights, there is an added caveat that is often left out. After reaching your destination, your charter jet will likely be returned to its home base or be ferried to another airport. The distance between these points can substantially increase costs.
ZUUM reduces the cost of returning or ferrying by helping you select flights in closest proximity/shortest deviation to the aircraft’s charter schedule.

Other costs may include:

  • Landing and departure fees
  • Jet crews
  • Slot fees and special airport fees
  • Ground Power Unit (GPU)

A cost you can control

The duration that your private jet is situated at the airport is a factor to consider when planning the expenses of your business trip or vacation. Although the circumstances for why your jet makes an unexpected and extended stay may be out of your control, there are ways to avoid these unwanted fees.

Empty leg flights provide travellers with the option (when available) to charter a separate aircraft for arrival and departure. By taking this route, layovers can be avoided, as the flight will arrive on its scheduled time rather than vacationing in the hanger while you are out and about.

Different aircraft and hiring costs

In terms of options, flying charter is lightyears beyond what you can expect from commercial flights, and each choice varies in cost. From Turboprops and VIP Airliners to Heavy and Midsized Jets, you may have your hands full when sorting through the potential luxury aviation candidates.

The crucial detail with the cost is knowing exactly what you need and carefully reviewing the specifications of each aircraft. For example, Entry Level Aircraft are small business jets that are perfect to fly 4–8 passengers for short destinations, while the Super Light Jet is nimble and can access smaller airports and shorter runways — a preferable choice if no other airports can accommodate larger jets.

To help you locate the plane within your budget, ZUUM’s aircraft page neatly separates aircraft by type and model and offers an in-depth overview, so you can choose a plane with the amenities and accommodations that match your specifications.

How to get the best private jet deals with ZUUM

Fortunately, when looking into how to get the best deal for a private charter jet, there are a wealth of options to consider — if you know what to look for.
In addition to our breakdown of each aircraft, ZUUM makes it even easier to find an affordable flight on our deals page.

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